Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something New For You

I was hoping to start something really "Cool" like a  weekly link to a blog I stalk....I mean, LOVE. But as it turned out, on Sunday, my time was captured by an herb garden that needed to be planted, a new tea kettle that needed breaking in, and a new bed that needed to be slept in...for both afternoon naps and nightly sleep =) 

In other words...I. failed. you. miserably.  

But, thank God for redemption [Yes, even for my lack in blogging abilities--Sorry, Pioneer Woman] because as I stalk follow these blogs... I am compelled to share with you, yet again the beauty that can be found in tragedy. I don't ever again want to minimize the pain that these children feel...even through something as wonderful as adoption. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a God response to a human tragedy (or fall from grace), And that it's His "plan B" that EVERY.SINGLE.CHILD. have a family that will love, comfort, protect, and shelter them...BUT for those children?  who are losing everything they have ever known...every ounce of normalcy...and any HOPE they had that their mother would return for them? It truly is a tragedy, filled with grief, loss, and much confusion. 

I recently have begun stalking following a blog by an adoptive mother who adopted her daughter from China, now almost 5 years ago. Her wisdom and honesty have both touched my heart and challenged my understanding. She does a much better job conveying the true heart of what adoption is and should be, than I ever could.  I encourage you to read her blog... 

TODAY, however, specifically, I want to encourage you to read this post about 1 Corinthians 13 as it relates to international adoption.

As God begins to turn people's hearts to the true matters at hand and the need that is out there for loving parents AND the need to work to ending these tragedies, posts like this are not only important pieces of information, because they come from those who have made it through the trenches, they are truly irreplaceable.

So check out my new friend--ahem, I mean..I know we haven't actually met or anything...but I certainly WANT to be her friend--Tonggu Momma. And open your hearts. And enjoy.

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