Friday, May 7, 2010

Hurry Up & Wait

Since my analogy of equating the journey of international adoption to flying across the country appears to continue to be quite accurate...I will continue (Please no hate-mail...I am not saying ADOPTION is like a plane ride...simply the journey) *Geesh, you people are intense!*

First, I should probably mention why my mind would immediately correlate this process to flying (as opposed to more eloquent comparisons) but, truly, I love flying. I love the convenience and speed. I love not having to sit in a car for 24 hours to get somewhere. I can sleep and read on a plane--both things I can't do in a car without either a barf bag nearby or severe medication---Was that gross? Sometimes my filter is off =)  I am not such a big fan of listening to my husband complain about how small the seats are (I mean, I fit just fine) but usually my iPod drowns out the flailing arms, re-situating, and frustrated sighs. All in all, I have good experiences on a plane *content sigh*

Very soon after beginning this LONG journey..remember the gestational period of elephants?... I began to see similarities in the journey of this adoption and flying across country. So far we have:

Hurried up and turned in the initial application, determining if we met the criteria = We got to the airport and got through security!

Then we waited. and waited. and waited. to get the next packet = sitting, waiting, drinking overpriced coffee...Is the plane even HERE yet?!?!

Yay! Application part two came, we completed the first paperchase and on our way we go= The plane is here! Boarding has begun..."Let's hurry up and get on the plane so it can take-off quickly!!"

Everything is looking good so far! Oh yah, this trip is going to be easy-breezy...whew..we are ON the plane...*tapping foot*...Why aren't we leaving? Everything is ready..Everyone is on board. Flight attendants showed all the safety measures *tapping foot* Um...Hello? Mr. Pilot.....We are ready to go....*tapping foot*.....

Has anyone ever sat on the tarmac for what seemed like AGES!?!?! 1 1/2 weeks and not a word from our agency about setting up our first homestudy appointment. It might as well have been 100 years. JUST LIKE SITTING ON THE TARMAC. Will this plane EVER take-off!!!!! We have somewhere to be!

Patience. is. a. virtue. 

Or so I've been told. To me, it actually seems overrated =)

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