Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh. My. Weekend.

We had such a good time in Kansas City this past weekend! We went with lots of things on the "maybe" list and just played the rest by ear.

One of the obvious  things on the "certain" list was the James Taylor/ Carole King Troubadour Reunion concert. I don't care who you are. That music will make you smile. I grew up with that era of music (For real ya'll, until I was about 13 I let a pretty sheltered music life--filled with the Beatles, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison. Bob Dylan, and James Taylor--just to name a few), so getting to see them live was kind-of like? A dream come true! We were probably some of the youngest people in the room..but even so, I still teared up when they walked on the stage holding hands...They just seem? like such sweet people! I thought I might delight your senses with some blurry pictures of this. once-in-a-lifetime. I mean once-in-MY-lifetime event!


Pre-show. We had a little trouble keeping our eyes open during the flash.

Yep. There you are. (so exciting!)

Original band. Grey hair and all. (Totally awesome).

Is it too soon to say "I Love You"? I mean, I've only known you my whole life!

Not an empty seat in the house. A lot of grandparents, but no empty seats.

Intermission. They even had a wardrobe change (haha)!

So, there you have it. James Taylor and Carole King live in concert. Just like you were there...okay, not really but it was. Amazing. And so, because I love you. And because posting these pics brought back warm, fuzzy feelings, and because I am done with my paper.  I leave you with my favorite Carole King tune (Which I ALSO plan to use as my morning anthem for the kiddos someday). 
So Enjoy, rest up, and sing happy songs tomorrow!

Til the sun rises again,


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You're toooo cute, you know that? :o)

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