Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jewelry for a GREAT cause!!

Hop on over to my friend Kelly's blog to see an awesome way you can support widows and orphans! It's an amazing story and one that [even] I (dollar jewelry fiend  addict  connoisseur) couldn't resist!

For more pictures, check out her other site,  We Are Grafted In!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Steadfast Love.

The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love" Psalm 145:8

God isn't surprised when you get angry. He doesn't reign down harsh judgments when you're frustrated or hurt by a situation.

He doesn't immediately begin withdrawing his hand from you when you ask him "Why?" or when your anger boils down to the fact that you thought He wouldn't let this stuff happen.

Yet, so many times, we are moved to guilt and shame in these situations. We believe that if we can't "just take it" that somehow we are unworthy of God.

Well, the news flash is that we are. Unworthy of God. And whether or not you take what life throws at you with minimal opposition or wallow in your hurt and anger for a while.. You're still going to be unworthy.

But. My God? Is gracious and merciful..He is slow to anger and yet we have portrayed Him as exactly the opposite. My God knows my heart and He grieves with me when I feel like my heart is being ripped out. He doesn't require that we not have emotions..in fact He's the reason we have emotions.

What He cares about? What He longs for. is that we lean on him in our times of trouble. That we cry out to Him and give Him the room he needs to bring true healing to our hearts.

I think too many times the enemy wins this battle in our lives because A.) We think we must be wrong for feeling this way and surely if we brought our grievances to God he would smite us down  or 2.) We truly don't think He cares about how we feel.

Both of those conclusions are wrong. God is a father. He wants to comfort his children and he knows we can't see the entire picture yet. He is molding us with each experience and He sees that some bring great pain to our lives. He isn't blind to our suffering.

So, when you are wallowing in pity, hurt, frustration, and anger....Talk to Him. Give him the room he needs to bring precious healing to your heart. Give him the open door to comfort and soothe our temporal and weak hearts.  Even if all you say is how angry you are. Trust that he loves you through it.

Because He is abounding in steadfast love.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy [Waiting] Mother's Day

There may be an official one. I don't actually know.

But, I do know that yesterday...with the festivities celebrating mothers everywhere...I felt a void.

Knowing that many of my adoption-world friends have struggled with infertility, failed adoptions, and the pain and perseverance found in international adoption? Just left me feeling a little empty yesterday.

They deserved to be recognized.

The world may not fully understand the heart of a mother's pursuit. But the "waiting mommas" out there? They live it everyday.

Their lives are filled with impatient-patience, perseverance in the trenches and constant and prayerful pursuit of their children.

These women are strong and bold in the face of the adversities they face and will face.

They dream of, think of, pray for, and long for their children every minute of every day.

They are mothers.

So, today my heart is on all the "waiting" mommas out there. Those who said "yes" to adoption & have learned many lessons in patience & faith. It is their perseverance, pursuit, & passion that have held me together at times in our own journey.
They, too, deserve a day that celebrates the purposed act of adoption and the patient art of waiting. So, here's to all of you beautiful mothers out there, waiting patiently in the trenches. 

Happy [Waiting] Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

For the diaper changing,

and the potty-training.

For the alphabet-teaching

and vegetable forcing.

For the believing

and loving

and never-ending support.

Thanks Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 7, 2011


There is a lot to blog about...we've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. But today?

Is all about graduation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Anika: {Ann-ih-ka}: Grace; Favour.

Some of you may have heard that we're adopting..

If you haven't? Well, I am going to bypass all of the "What rock have you been under?" nonsense (especially since you might have just happened upon my blog as it were) and move right along to the "Check out THIS to catch yourself up"

One thing that I have said over and over again about our adoption journey is how much I have learned about the heart of the Father for His children and about His relentless pursuit of them. In our case, God is chasing one of His favorite ones from halfway around the world using two Southerners who happened to say YES.

And Today, what I am bringing your attention to, is another one of His beautiful creations.

Her name is Anika, and much like so many others--who God called on her behalf before me-- I was speechless when I saw her face. Her beautiful eyes. Yes, she is indeed an awe-inspiring creation. And she is waiting for a family.

Can you believe it?

She is just....


for someone to love her and tell her how amazing she really is?!?

You can read Love's account here. I really couldn't say it any better anyways.

Two things are barriers to Anika's adoption and we are going to work tirelessly against them.

1. She is HIV+. If you don't know the truth...and I mean REALLY know the truth about HIV, please check out  Project Hopeful.  We can bring an end to the ignorance and stigmas our societies carries because of fear.

Perfect love will drive out fear. Pray that God's perfect love and His supernatural wisdom and understanding are laid on the family that He is calling for Anika. Pray that their eyes and ears are open to the truth and that the falsities of ignorance are shut out of their lives.

2. Adoption is expensive. That is NO secret. And as we are still raising money for our own adoption of Little Smith from Ethiopia, I can't help but look at this child and think..what's a $30,000 ransom for her life? It's nothing really. We can help Anika's forever family have no doubts. no worries. no fears. about the financial burden associated with  her adoption.... How? Because..

God is big. And if we really believe that, we need to start moving in ways that give Him the opportunity to do BIG things.

This is one of those opportunities!

We are banding together to raise the cost of adopting Anika so that her family can come forward, be captured by her beautiful eyes and bring her home!!

We have to chance to be part of something really. really. big... ya'll!

There are a lot of different ways people can help (see here and here for a couple of ideas) but  personally? I am going to donate all of the proceeds from Journey of Love orders placed today through June 15th to Anika's fund. Who knows if it will be much, but God doesn't need us to do much...He just needs us to do SOMETHING so that He has the open door!!!

Here's His open door. Are you in??



212 Days.

5,088 Hours.

305,280 Minutes.

18,316,800 Seconds.


I won't lie. It's getting harder. I mean {not to brag or anything but} I think I will be an excellent momma for Little Smith.

I am certain that no one on earth (except maybe LS's Enat*) will love him/her as much as I will.

And I can't help but be jealous that there are people getting to enjoy my baby right now. While I am here. In America.


Don't get me wrong, I am So. Incredibly. Thankful. for those who have dedicated their lives to loving, nurturing and caring for the children waiting for their Forever Families...

It's just that...

I want to be the one tucking LS in at night.

I want to be the one saying prayers, wiping noses, teaching words, singing songs, making breakfast, playing outside and experiencing life...with my child.

I want to be the one who my child runs to for comfort and love.

And, I'm sorry, but I just don't think that's too much to ask!

Of course....no one IS asking me what I think about all of this....[which is probably for the best anyways]

And so? 

We continue to persevere. 

We continue to cry out to God that nothing would interfere with His purpose and plan. 

We imagine how it will feel to bring our "baby" home with us and start our lives as a family of three. 

We dream about all the amazing milestones we'll get to experience with L.S.


We wait.

As [im]patiently as possible.

[Soon, soon...Lots of fundraiser announcements!]


* Enat is Amharic for "mommy". It is what we have decided to use for LS's birthmother instead of simply "birthmother", "first-mother", or any other variety. It feels warm, loving, and connected to Ethiopia. Which is a perfect description, I think =)