Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy [Waiting] Mother's Day

There may be an official one. I don't actually know.

But, I do know that yesterday...with the festivities celebrating mothers everywhere...I felt a void.

Knowing that many of my adoption-world friends have struggled with infertility, failed adoptions, and the pain and perseverance found in international adoption? Just left me feeling a little empty yesterday.

They deserved to be recognized.

The world may not fully understand the heart of a mother's pursuit. But the "waiting mommas" out there? They live it everyday.

Their lives are filled with impatient-patience, perseverance in the trenches and constant and prayerful pursuit of their children.

These women are strong and bold in the face of the adversities they face and will face.

They dream of, think of, pray for, and long for their children every minute of every day.

They are mothers.

So, today my heart is on all the "waiting" mommas out there. Those who said "yes" to adoption & have learned many lessons in patience & faith. It is their perseverance, pursuit, & passion that have held me together at times in our own journey.
They, too, deserve a day that celebrates the purposed act of adoption and the patient art of waiting. So, here's to all of you beautiful mothers out there, waiting patiently in the trenches. 

Happy [Waiting] Mother's Day.


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for this post! Yesterday was HARD! My heart ached for my children and it's easy to get your feelings hurt when people don't acknowledge a "waiting" mom. I consider myself "paper pregnant" now that we are on the wait list.....

Rebecca said...

I agree. There should be a day for those waiting to become mothers! Mother's Day was always very difficult for me. And, to be honest, it's pretty bittersweet for me now. Your day will come soon. Hopefully VERY soon!

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