Monday, May 2, 2011



212 Days.

5,088 Hours.

305,280 Minutes.

18,316,800 Seconds.


I won't lie. It's getting harder. I mean {not to brag or anything but} I think I will be an excellent momma for Little Smith.

I am certain that no one on earth (except maybe LS's Enat*) will love him/her as much as I will.

And I can't help but be jealous that there are people getting to enjoy my baby right now. While I am here. In America.


Don't get me wrong, I am So. Incredibly. Thankful. for those who have dedicated their lives to loving, nurturing and caring for the children waiting for their Forever Families...

It's just that...

I want to be the one tucking LS in at night.

I want to be the one saying prayers, wiping noses, teaching words, singing songs, making breakfast, playing outside and experiencing life...with my child.

I want to be the one who my child runs to for comfort and love.

And, I'm sorry, but I just don't think that's too much to ask!

Of one IS asking me what I think about all of this....[which is probably for the best anyways]

And so? 

We continue to persevere. 

We continue to cry out to God that nothing would interfere with His purpose and plan. 

We imagine how it will feel to bring our "baby" home with us and start our lives as a family of three. 

We dream about all the amazing milestones we'll get to experience with L.S.


We wait.

As [im]patiently as possible.

[Soon, soon...Lots of fundraiser announcements!]


* Enat is Amharic for "mommy". It is what we have decided to use for LS's birthmother instead of simply "birthmother", "first-mother", or any other variety. It feels warm, loving, and connected to Ethiopia. Which is a perfect description, I think =)


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