Monday, May 2, 2011

Anika: {Ann-ih-ka}: Grace; Favour.

Some of you may have heard that we're adopting..

If you haven't? Well, I am going to bypass all of the "What rock have you been under?" nonsense (especially since you might have just happened upon my blog as it were) and move right along to the "Check out THIS to catch yourself up"

One thing that I have said over and over again about our adoption journey is how much I have learned about the heart of the Father for His children and about His relentless pursuit of them. In our case, God is chasing one of His favorite ones from halfway around the world using two Southerners who happened to say YES.

And Today, what I am bringing your attention to, is another one of His beautiful creations.

Her name is Anika, and much like so many others--who God called on her behalf before me-- I was speechless when I saw her face. Her beautiful eyes. Yes, she is indeed an awe-inspiring creation. And she is waiting for a family.

Can you believe it?

She is just....


for someone to love her and tell her how amazing she really is?!?

You can read Love's account here. I really couldn't say it any better anyways.

Two things are barriers to Anika's adoption and we are going to work tirelessly against them.

1. She is HIV+. If you don't know the truth...and I mean REALLY know the truth about HIV, please check out  Project Hopeful.  We can bring an end to the ignorance and stigmas our societies carries because of fear.

Perfect love will drive out fear. Pray that God's perfect love and His supernatural wisdom and understanding are laid on the family that He is calling for Anika. Pray that their eyes and ears are open to the truth and that the falsities of ignorance are shut out of their lives.

2. Adoption is expensive. That is NO secret. And as we are still raising money for our own adoption of Little Smith from Ethiopia, I can't help but look at this child and think..what's a $30,000 ransom for her life? It's nothing really. We can help Anika's forever family have no doubts. no worries. no fears. about the financial burden associated with  her adoption.... How? Because..

God is big. And if we really believe that, we need to start moving in ways that give Him the opportunity to do BIG things.

This is one of those opportunities!

We are banding together to raise the cost of adopting Anika so that her family can come forward, be captured by her beautiful eyes and bring her home!!

We have to chance to be part of something really. really. big... ya'll!

There are a lot of different ways people can help (see here and here for a couple of ideas) but  personally? I am going to donate all of the proceeds from Journey of Love orders placed today through June 15th to Anika's fund. Who knows if it will be much, but God doesn't need us to do much...He just needs us to do SOMETHING so that He has the open door!!!

Here's His open door. Are you in??


love said...

love it! bless you, sister!!

i agree...we're in the midst of bring 2 boys home, but it does not mean that God isn't big enough to get ALL these kids home....through US. we are often His means...if we'd only listen and obey. THANK YOU for taking action here.

Erica said...

LOVE IT!!! I'll link back to you in a few days so people can buy shirts! YES I have shirts left - let me know what color you want and I'll look and see if I have it. :)

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Have you seen baby Helen on the Reese's Rainbow site? I'm in love. Project Hopeful is just another reminder that our God is WAY bigger than $30,000!

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