Friday, May 20, 2011

Steadfast Love.

The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love" Psalm 145:8

God isn't surprised when you get angry. He doesn't reign down harsh judgments when you're frustrated or hurt by a situation.

He doesn't immediately begin withdrawing his hand from you when you ask him "Why?" or when your anger boils down to the fact that you thought He wouldn't let this stuff happen.

Yet, so many times, we are moved to guilt and shame in these situations. We believe that if we can't "just take it" that somehow we are unworthy of God.

Well, the news flash is that we are. Unworthy of God. And whether or not you take what life throws at you with minimal opposition or wallow in your hurt and anger for a while.. You're still going to be unworthy.

But. My God? Is gracious and merciful..He is slow to anger and yet we have portrayed Him as exactly the opposite. My God knows my heart and He grieves with me when I feel like my heart is being ripped out. He doesn't require that we not have fact He's the reason we have emotions.

What He cares about? What He longs for. is that we lean on him in our times of trouble. That we cry out to Him and give Him the room he needs to bring true healing to our hearts.

I think too many times the enemy wins this battle in our lives because A.) We think we must be wrong for feeling this way and surely if we brought our grievances to God he would smite us down  or 2.) We truly don't think He cares about how we feel.

Both of those conclusions are wrong. God is a father. He wants to comfort his children and he knows we can't see the entire picture yet. He is molding us with each experience and He sees that some bring great pain to our lives. He isn't blind to our suffering.

So, when you are wallowing in pity, hurt, frustration, and anger....Talk to Him. Give him the room he needs to bring precious healing to your heart. Give him the open door to comfort and soothe our temporal and weak hearts.  Even if all you say is how angry you are. Trust that he loves you through it.

Because He is abounding in steadfast love.


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