Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 21, 2010 = 5 Years

I have NO IDEA why I feel the urge to post this. I am definitely NOT a romantic, nor am I an accomplished poet... Maybe because I am so proud of the fact that we are hitting that 5 year mark, basically unscathed... Or maybe it's been the thrush of poetry that I have been inspired by... But whatever the reason, I feel the need to post this poem that I wrote The Husband not long after we were engaged...(mind you, this is only the second poem I have ever written--the first being for my BFF in high school for our senior yearbook page). Anyways, here it is...For my love (don't gag, ya'll.... you'll be alright)...

As long as I have lived
My heart belonged to you
With every starry night
And mornings bright and new

A love so pure and true
No other could compare
I thank God every morning
For an answer to my prayers

I could never put down in prose
How you make me come alive
An emotion so deep within me
That words could not describe

I can only try to express to you
The love that grows in me
Deeper and more passionate
Your love has set me free

My hero and my soul mate
My protector and my friend
I promise I will love you
Until the very end.


Rene' said...

that was a GREAT poem! u did awesome! love the picture too, u two are so cute!

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