Sunday, May 23, 2010

To Eat? Or Not To Eat?

We just returned home from our awesome weekend in KC---which I will post more about later (Right now, I have a paper on the ethics of bankruptcy to finish... work on... start). But I wanted to delight you with my recent delectably bad decisions. As I lay here, pouting about my tummy-ache (and my paper to write), I realized that my current pain is simply the result of a day of over-indulgence, which I loved. And now hate.

My day began with THIS delightful Asian concoction, at the KC City Market (mine had a little less cream on top but was JUST as amazing as this one looks to be!)

Followed by a piece of this awesome, gooey, goodness. In my defense, the fudge-bearing vendor who lured me over with a free sample, put this fudge goodness into a mini ice-cream cone, making it an unstoppable force. "Don't look into the light, Ashley!"

Then, my snack-genius husband picked me up these so that I wouldn't grow faint from lack of nourishment at the prayer room... or, something like that...

And then, if that weren't enough nonsense in my digestive system for ONE DAY...On the ride home, I had this:

And this:

And a few of these: 

And a half a bag of these:

And now I feel like this:

Lesson to all, when at an awesomely stocked farmer's market? Grab an apple.

'Til I feel better again,


Rene' said...

lol---unfortunately I do that too often as well, I need to eat slower so I know when I'm full

*Ashley Lou* said...

Yah..I think it's safe today that none of the above-mentioned items were eaten to satisfy hunger, unfortunately.. ha ha!!!

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