Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anniversary Weekend Plans

Folks, I know you're just dying to hear all about our anniversary plans, so...since my week is going to be crazy busy..and since I am deliriously tired. and since I love it true picture book fashion. Enjoy.

We start our Anniversary Weekend here:

James Taylor/ Carole King Troubadour Reunion Tour: 
As if they needed an introduction.
I know..You're already So. So. Jealous.

Then we will (weather permitting) hit this place up:

Schlitterbahn: Every water-part connoisseur's dream

And if the weather DOESN'T permit (by obviously not getting the memo that this was anniversary)...
We will end up here: 
*and might anyways just 'cause it's super-cool*

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. 
They had me at "Giant Badminton Shuttlecock"

Then probably here:

Harrah's Buffet: Steak and Shrimp. Need I say more?

Yummy. Steak AND Shrimp... Every carnivore girl's dream!

Then, the plan is to soak for a while here:

The International House of Prayer 24/7 Prayer Room

Then head back to the hotel for some rest before going here on Sunday A.M. before we head back to the casa:

The International House of Prayer (duh) in Kansas City

So there you have it. Our amazing weekend plans... So now the only question is? 
Is it Friday yet??

Oh yah, and here's the hotel I really. REALLY. wanted to stay in..but apparently, even after 5 years, I am still not worth $200/night =(

Chateau Avalon: Pirate's Cove

It's a pirate's ship. And It's Amazing. And actually, the hubs didn't say we *couldn't* stay there, he just said IF we did, we couldn't eat. Or go to the museum. Or go to the waterpark. But he had me at *eat*...I mean, did you SEE that buffet??!?!?!

Goodbye 'til breakfast,


Rene' said...

LOL so cute, sounds like lots of fun!!!! hope u have a great time! is that hotel a picture of the room? looks like a bathtub on the left??? I loved the last paragraph! very funny (eat!) LOL

*Ashley Lou* said...

YES, the picture IS of the actual room....isn't it cool? And yeah, that's a bathtub =)

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