Monday, May 24, 2010

Answered Prayers

We are so excited! This morning was our first Home Study interview (and our social worker was just the greatest thing ever) and our second individual interviews/ home visit is scheduled for June 1st. She was so apologetic about the delay in getting started (and had a pretty good reason, I might add) and mentioned that she would try to make up for it on this end of things! All I could think was "Give me something to do and I am happy!"

It was overall a great visit and we are looking forward to getting the dreaded home visit out of the way. This week will certainly be full of paper-writing, laundry-finishing, room-cleaning, redecorating madness! Hope I survive it all!

In other news, I won't have time to repaint/re-decorate the office before the visit so I am simply waiting to start. So, those of you jumping at the bits to help me paint a few rooms, will just have to hold your horses a little longer... Unless you just want to do it FOR me, in which case, I will leave a key out for you =)

'Til the cows come home,


Rene' said...

yeah, great news!

Jen said...

Ash, I know you are ELATED to have things MOVING! :o) So excited for you! Why do you think you have to redecorate and wash laundry before the home visit? You don't want them to think you're a perfectionist! hee hee :o)

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