Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There is nothing to fear but fear itself...and wasps.

Irrational:  ir·ra·tion·al   adj.
a. Not endowed with reason.
b. Affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from shock.
c. Marked by a lack of accord with reason or sound judgment:

I hate wasps. And there isn't a rational analysis in the world that can change that, so don't even try. I have found no useful contribution that is worth having these "winged assassins" flying around disrupting my peaceful world. Case in point? This morning. This morning was a beautiful, sunny, happy morning. Until a wasp CAME IN UNINVITED and began reeking havoc on my home as I was trying to leave for work. I might have just left, but I was too afraid that the consequence would be coming home to an extremely angry yellow jacket and two dead cats. So I got out my can of poison and I cowered behind walls, spraying him every time he passed by me. Which angered him, and caused him to chase me. Which caused me to run into the bathroom and hide. Once I was confident that he was no longer prowling for me outside the bathroom door, I got myself together and attempted to rid my home of this winged beast once and for all. After a few more attempts, I finally was able to spray him with enough poison to bring him down. I breathed a sigh of relief, took an advil, and headed off for work.

But on the way, all I could think is "You have dominion over all the land and beasts of the land, and yet you can't keep it together around a little wasp?" and with this upcoming home-study visit and all the books I have been inhaling over the past few months...I suddenly became very concerned about whether or not I could/would pass this very irrational behavior of mine (attached to my incredibly rational fear of wasps) to my kids? My mom wasn't afraid of wasps, that I recall. In fact? my fears came from my own personal experiences with wasps and not anything I picked up on from ANYONE else...BUT, that said, if a child had been around to see my complete loss of reason and mental clarity this morning?? Well. that might be a different story.

So, I'm curious today. What fear causes you to act completely irrational? And what, if anything, have you done about it? And, have you seen similar behaviors in your kiddos? And, stalkers out there who don't publicly "follow" this blog? Yeah, you. I would love to hear your fears too. You can comment under anonymous and put your name at the end of your comment!

P.S. Because I love you, and because I had a rough morning, and because ALL wasps are bad, I leave you with this:

Even comics couldn't find a way to make wasps the "good guy"

1980's Rock Band "W.A.S.P" And while that qualifies as "enough said"
They also were originially called "The Winged Assassins".

I can feel it. He's coming for me. *Shudders*

Til all the wasps are gone,


Erica said...

For me, it's storms. HATE them. My mom was afraid of them and she regrets not trying harder to hide that from me when I was a child. We lived in a trailer house for many years and every time a storm blew through, we thought the house was going to be blown away.
The memories of those nights that we had to leave the house and go to our chicken houses and lay under blankets still torment me every time there's a tornado watch or warning. (Yes, the chicken houses were safer than the trailer house!)
As a parent, I am VERY cautious of this, because I don't want them to have fear. Even when I'm afraid, I don't let it out. I speak peace to the storm and the kids in Jesus' name. It's helped me SO much. I'm not nearly as afraid as I used to be because I don't "give in" to my fears as much now that I intentially hide it from my kids. And I'm proud to say that none of the kids are afraid of storms. They actually even like standing on the porch and watching the wind and lightning with their Daddy- and trying to spot tornados!
I'm also DEATHLY afraid of spiders. Of any size. But my kids would never know it. I'm like the spider whisperer when they're around. I just take a deep breath and do what it takes to get rid of it. And the kids are like, "Awesome!" Which makes me feel so good. Because I'm usually on the verge of fainting by the time I get the thing killed!
I'm sure you'll do the same- and stop at nothing to be sure that you don't pass the same fears on to your child. It's hard to face our own fears head on with calmness, but it's SO worth it.
Glad you killed the wasp!!

*Ashley Lou* said...

"The spider-whisperer". LOVE that! Thanks for the advice Erica!!!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the stalkers.... I read more of your blogs than post comments. Sigh.... such a bad mommy I am. :-) My irrational fear is any bug that big enough to move its head to look up at you. Roaches.. the really big ones in Texas and tarantulas are the worst.

My theory on wasps is a "For God's Sake, don't miss" approach. In other words, find the biggest thing you can swat with (which takes care of any lack of perfect aim)and pray unceasingly while going after the wasp.

I have actually attacked them with hair spray, hoping the wings would stick together. This by the way, doesn't always work.....

I think you will find when your child is safely in your home, the old fear will become a strong protective stance. You and our much awaited baby will be just fine. Hugs to you~ Mom

Anonymous said...

Ok, well I have several of these stupid things that I dont want to pass on to my kids..

1) (just like Erica) is storms.. I hate them with ever fiber of my being. I get it from my Nanny Smith, which is deathly afraid of them, atleast 5 times more so than I am. Anyway, I walk a fine line on this.. I want my boys to be AWARE of bad storms, so they can seek shelter when they need to. (No storm chasers, please) But I do not want them to pace the floors with cold hands and feet like I do.. So I try to keep my nervousness to a minimum when the kids are around. It helps that I know, I have to keep my head on straight so that if something happens in a quick second, I have the witts about me to react as a responsible mother should.
2)I, too, have a fear of wasps or any other flying object that stings, except when one is after one of my babies! Then I am known as, Momma Sara - The Elite Wasp Killer!! Then I am not afraid of them and I will hunt them until they are D E A D!! Now, if I am alone and one chases me, I will run like youve never seen.. lol
3) I have a fear of the dark and/or scary cars pulling in my drive at times when I am not expecting company. This is certainly not a trait I would like to pass on, but unfortunately, it already has a tad to my Trevor. He wont go in the room if the light isnt on and he has to sleep with a lamp on in his room. Bleh. Again, I want my kids to be AWARE of their surroudings, but I dont want them to be OCD about it like I am. I check every window lock, door lock, etc atleast twice before bed, even if the windows werent open that day..

OK Im rambling..My point is, when you have your little one, you too, will become - Momma Ashley Killer of the Wasps!! Especially if one is after your baby. When it comes to being a parent, somehow all of your fears disappear and your one and only concern is the protection of your baby. I wouldnt be too worried about passing your fear of wasps on to your little one, there could be way worse things you could pass on. Love ya!! Sara Holmes

*Ashley Lou* said...

Bugs, spiders, storms, the dark?? All rational fears! Glad you guys have such great insight for me! I once pushed a friend in front of me to get away from a wasp, so hopefully you can see my concern in raising terrified children!!! Thanks for all the great words of wisdom. "Momma Ashley- Killer of Wasps" Sounds like a super-hero! very cool!

Rene' said...

where in the world do u get all your pictures from that u didn't take yourself? ha ha my goodness! yes, crazy behavior will probably affect your kids, but that's normal.

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