Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What d'ya know Wednesday....

What d'ya know Wednesday was a quick failure. 

Maybe today I should simply rename it "What d'ya wanna know about all my excuses Wednesday?" Because that's what I wanna give ya.

But, in the name of perseverance. 

In the name of becoming a "real" blogger with double-digit followers (erupting laughter

In the name of butter popcorn flavored Jelly Bellies...which I am certain I NEED right! at! this! moment....

I carry on.

First of all, I want to say that Monday night, the Martha Stewart in all women....yes, even me.....rose up with fury. I needed tropical cookies...

No. I mean I NEEDED tropical cookies.  I had eaten tropical cookies (from a warehouse superstore) a few weeks ago and they quickly became my favorite...second-favorite-only-to-warm-snickerdoodles-and-milk cookies. The fierce desire for these cookies arose about 2 hours into an interesting debate in ethics...In my sincere effort to pay attention, I quickly googled the cookie recipe and found one I could *adapt* to fit my desire.

Don't judge me. Looking up the cookie recipe Right. At. That. Moment. freed up my mind to concentrate on Natural Law and appropriately participate enough to get the points.

That night, very late. very, very, late. I decided that I would never again NEED to bake cookies from scratch after a class that doesn't end until 10pm.

They were delicious. 

They are gone now. 

Don't ask. 

I'll never tell you.

I now KNOW why gluttony is a sin.

In other news, Our home study report hasn't been written yet. Which is just fine since I won't be turning in my Dossier any time soon anyways. Thanks to Bank of America--- and their complete disregard for my sweet as molasses voice and small favor to ask.....Keep sending me to voice-mail Bank of America? I will come up there! And I WILL cry! In the lobby! Loudly!  Do you wanna see that? Do you? I didn't think so. Just sign the letter please.... (In blue ink, with a notary present. who's expiration doesn't expire in the next year. And put it on official bank letterhead please.'t.mind.too.much).

I now know why patience is considered a virtue...and not simply a normal freckle in life......


So, without much ado...the remainder of this week's What I Know list...sans photos. Don't judge me. You don't know me.....

1.  I know that time only goes slowly when I am unmotivated to do any work.

2.  I know that the next spider I find in my house will be executed slowly and its carcass will be left to rot in the floor as an example to the other arachnids that think this house is an easy target. Its not, my eight-legged enemies. It's not.

3.  I know that, lately, I have been filled with longing for more than what is TODAY....and was recently reminded that some people...just long for what was....and I became far more thankful than I was before

4. I know that I am super excited about this weekend. The friends. The nephews. The Juicy Lucy's. The Ice Cream. all of it. I might not even sleep. Just so I can enjoy every second. Unless Tarter Sauce wants to cuddle...Then I might sleep the whole weekend away. Forget the rest of you. I have some lovin' to give....

5.  I know that remind myself often that the people who love me? love me regardless of my failures. Regardless of my shortcomings. Regardless of my lack of cleanliness and willingness to envoke the 5 second rule at any time. And regardless of my complete disgust for feet. Their feet. Your feet. My own feet. They just LOVE me anyways.

By the way, for the sake of honesty. There is one exception to the feet "thing".  Baby feet. The only feet I don't throw up at the sight of are baby feet. They are soft and perfect and unadulterated by dirt, grime, and calluses. 

Give me baby feet any day. 

I would die happy.

The End.


Jen said...

You are friggin adorable, you know!? and I hate that word friggin by the way...but it just seemed to fit here.
I posted something on my blog this morning...and thought of you. I'd love to hear your highly opinionated opinion on it. :o)
And I cracked up at the feet thing...:o)
Obviously you haven't met my lovely feet yet! ;o) HA!

Anonymous said...

haha this is adorable. I particularly like the mental image of you sitting in class and having an "AHA!" moment regarding tropical cookies. lol

So, if I "followed" you with my two email accounts would you be a happy girl with 10 supposed followers?? :) I would do that for you... all you have to do is ask (and re-pay me with that delicious smoothie you owe me). ;)

Keep up the what d'ya know Wednesdays! They brighten my bloggin week!

jposs said...

Ashley Lou, I love your blogs. I love your randomness. I will update my blog.. right now actually. You may have to remind me from time to time to steal away from Auditing and Income Tax laws, but I will fulfill your need to see into my life :) I also, need your email address.

I did give up facebook.. probably for good. Much like you have felt before.. I knew it had become an addiction, that I am still not sure I can conquer.. but I am dedicated. I decided that people that really are in my life will contact me outside of facebook. If not, then they don't need to know what I do everyday.

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