Monday, June 7, 2010


 My sister and I never really had a "secret code" or anything like that...In fact? We were pretty much polar opposites growing up. You  see, she's gotten taller than I have through the years. Her hair is thicker and fuller. and more luscious than mine. She has these emerald green eyes (as opposed to my poop brown eyes). And her skin has that really pretty dark Native American shade to it. 

All things I love. And hate. about my sister.

But for as long as I can remember, my sister has had a nickname for me. As sisters usually do. It's funny though because? She will tell you that I, too, have a nickname for her. Although I would hardly consider shortening Allison to "Al" constitutes as a nickname. But it's interesting nonetheless that neither of us--with all our differences and carrying on--ever cared about the nicknames. In fact? They were quite endearing. 

I have even heard some of the youngin's that  I hang out with call their sisters by 'nicknames of endearment'. And I find that I have a habit of GIVING nicknames to these punks as well...

maybe? that's because?  I am a sister?

Whatever the case and whatever the reason, I love that she's the only person who has ever given me a nickname that didn't cause me great angst and many tears--and trust me--there have been plenty through the years. And that the only person to give me a nickname that doesn't make me cry? 

Is my little sister?

Is pretty cool, if you ask me.

So then. For as long as I have lived and as long as I will live, my sister will be the only person who consistently calls me *Lou*--Short for my middle name Louise--

with the exception of her spawn, Lil' Tank, who now calls me "Aunt Woo"...

cut him some slack though...

"L's" are hard for three-year-olds.

So, if my sister were ever kidnapped and we needed to confirm it was really her before dropping off the ransom money?  I would ask what her nickname for me has always been. Because only she would know the answer.

Except you. But you would never kidnap Al?  Would you?  

Of course, not. That's just crazy talk.

And yes, it's possible I watch too much t.v.

'Til we all have nicknames,
Ashley   *Lou*


Rene' said...

awwww, so beautiful! love it!

Jen said...

Very very sweet. And no disrespect to your adorable sister....but I think you are as pretty as they come!

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