Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open Up Our Eyes

Sometimes when The Husband and I are home, lazing around...We find ourselves streaming worship, awakening services at IHOP, and watching a collection of messages we have collected over the years. Last night, at dinner with a respected friend, we talked for a while about World Revival Church in Kansas City. So, of course, since we have never been there...we decided to stream some worship videos today, as we rested. 

I came across this song that? Just. Gripped. Me.  I am convinced that the reason we aren't standing in the greatest revival of all times has NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING. to do with God. It has to do with the sins, the apathy, and the complacency of the church. God wants a people that pursue Him as fervently as he pursues us. So? Why are we checking our watches at noon? 

I have blessed you, today, with not only the lyrics (which are awfully poetic) but also the YouTube video. (Ahem, you're welcome). I encourage you to take a minute and really seek God. You may find that He's? Been trying to get you to. all. along.

We have rested in God's arms so long, I think we fell asleep
We keep on making promises we don't intend to keep
We have said that we would follow Him, no matter what the cost
But an hour into Church and we start looking at our watch.

How long will we stand still?
We keep crying for His kingdom, but we fight for our own will.

Open up our eyes
Open up our ears
Break our hearts of stone
That we might feel you once again
Forgive us of our pride
Forgive us of our sin
Let Your glory come
As we turn to You again.

We have said that He is everything that we will ever need
But we spend our lives chasing after every other thing
Wherever He may lead us, we say that we will go
But when His spirit wants to move, all we want to do is soak

We're crying out for Your church to awaken.
We're crying out for You to heal our land.
We're crying out, Oh shake this generation!
We're crying out for a touch from. Your. Hand.


Jen said...

W. O. W. ASH!
Seriously, I can hardly contain my heart in my chest right now after watching that and savoring those words. OH how I long for worship like that...where the people are INVOLVED--worshipers in spirit and in truth. I want to worship like DAVID, with everything I have--completely undignified!
Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us...and this video. I've already sent it on to our praise and worship leaders at Grace.
Now I seriously want to go visit that church!! :)

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