Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that make me happy...

So, because I suffer from a chronic case of the "Any-day-besides-Saturday blues".

And because I have had a lower than average mood this week.

And because I  have no adoption updates to distribute.

And because I have dinner plans tonight..

And because you are all so beautiful,

I decided to join in the FWD.: SPAM.: fun by giving you all something to smile about this glummy Thursday morn.

The husband sent me these beauts. this morning. I am a sucker for animals doing abnormally cute things...

I bet he was in her spot.......

Call me crazy- but there's just something about an annoyed cat that makes me smile.....

Sometimes we all need a little helping hand *sigh*

Seriously? Can a brother get a little peace, ya'll???

Dang party-crashers! No manners!

Anyone else read "Who Moved My Cheese"? Anyone? In the back? No? Hmm...well this is funnier if you had....

I am always curious as to WHY the cats hang on during stuff like this? Let go, kitty...just let go!!!

This makes me want to become a "dog-lady" with a houseful of puppies that adore me and do cute stuff...Instead of my pug who sleeps...though he will "lay down" on command...but that's probably because he was headed there anyways....

Another puppy pic to encourage you to run down to the pound and get one of these adorable poopy dogs...

No, seriously. I NEED a puppy-dog.

This is a reminder that we all make decisions that seem good at first but quickly digress....

"You got a little something, hang on..let me try to...okay, yah, I think I got it"

 And I will leave you with this gem..Norman the Pug. And a reminder that drugs are bad! =)

Til the sun shines again and all things make me happy--not just cute animal pictures,


Anonymous said...

So, this was cute via email but made my day much better via blog because you added your cute little spins on each picuture. :)Thank you for improving my gloomy Thursday. Can't wait for moving all the classrooms to ruin it again. ugh.


*Ashley Lou* said...

I do what I can =)

Rene' said...

so cute I love those pix.

Jen said... know your joy and your true happiness ain't gonna come from any of that stuff anyway...You gotta find it in HIM. You gotta pursue it! :)
His mercies are new every morning sweet girl!
Besides, I have a feeling you rarely ever get actually UN-happy. It's just in you. You are a sassy, witty, funky, fun chick who's got it goin' OW-UN!
Don't worry---Be happy!! :)
Love you!

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