Friday, June 11, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering...

We got our Dossier Packet today!! 

Now? It's time to buckle down and make up for lost time by getting this paperwork in as fast as possible!!!

P.S. We are still trying to raise the $2000 we need immediately for this portion of the process! Feel free to purchase some coffee at our personalized site to help us meet this goal! (psss....I recommend Ethiopian Harrar---so far it's my favorite!)

Working all this new paperchasing into my life won't be an easy feat...what, with Youth fundraisers and activities, a new class in Grad. School, 4th Quarter beginning at work *yuck*, and my new territory of creating a functional VBS for church this summer....Wow......Could. Definitely. Use. Prayer.

Til life slows down (bahahahahahahahaha),


Rene' said...

grrrrr, all these add-ons u put on this blog are crazy. this is the only blog that gives me problems when I try to leave comments or read it. sometimes simple is key :)

*Ashley Lou* said...

What trouble are you having??? I haven't had any trouble with THIS one...In fact, this was my attempt at "simple", crazy girl!! =)

Sorry =/

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