Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Study

Well, yesterday was the big day! 

The house was clean.

The snack trays were ready.

The animals were sedated.

And she was?   late. 

Those were the longest 15 minutes! of! my! life! Longer, even, than the next 4 hours (which was about how long it took to get through our second home-study meeting)!!!

The Good News? Is that it's pretty much DONE! She is writing up the report and may call if she finds holes in it--- But other than that? We are just waiting for the draft and final report so we can move along with the USCIS paperwork and dossier! Thankfully, we did find out that Dillon will do most of the courier/tracking/mailing part of the dossier for us and keep us ON TRACK so that we aren't missing anything!! We are so excited about moving forward  and I?

Can't! Wait!

The Better News? Is that I now have a couple reading assignments, online and saturday courses, and various other "homework" from the SW to assist in keeping my hands busy if when I start getting ancy again!!!

We are glad this part is over! Thankful to have a clean house (haha)! And SO grateful to have family and friends praying and encouraging us through this grueling process! It will SO be worth it for us in the end!!!

So Now? We are praying and hoping that in the next month (before our homestudy is approved) we can raise the remaining $2000 we need for this piece! It seems like a mountain but I know my God is able!!! We would definitely appreciate your prayers for this!! We have watched God work in this so far and we are excited to see him continuing to work as we go through this! 

Soon, I will be posting a fundraising effort that I would like to encourage everyone to be a part of by purchasing, promoting, and praying for this new effort!

Adoption has ALWAYS been the heart of God. From the very beginning. And we are so honored to be part of this plan!

'Til we see the miracles,


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