Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Weeks.

Today? Our Dossier has been in the hands of the adoption agency for two weeks.

For two weeks they have *hopefully* been working to get all the necessary authentications (Read HERE for more deliciously-detailed details).

For two weeks I have been trying to estimate guess at when we might receive a referral.

For two weeks I have been praying that our finalized Dossier gets back quickly so we can even get on that "waiting for a referral" list that we so desperately want to be on...With the cool kids.

And so I don't go through another bottle of Tums. Yes. Another. Bottle.

For two weeks I have been imagining a nursery, brainstorming about the canvas art I am creating for it, wondering what the likelihood is that we might get (gulp) two babies.....

For two weeks? I haven't heard anything from the agency. Except that it's "being processed".

Suddenly I am reminded of an analogy I made long ago about adoption and airplanes.

I am comforted slightly with the knowledge that I was right. ( I like to be right... Who doesn't?)

I am also comforted by Nutella.

But if it goes much longer? Nutella will be my worst enemy.

And I don't want that to happen.

*Ashley Lou*


Erica said...

Wait... you NEVER said anything about more than one on here before, have you? So, are you guys open to twins/siblings? Do tell!!!

*Ashley Lou* said...

Oh boy, Erica....If only I COULD explain it that easily! It happened in a confusing array of twisted words...

We said "We wouldn't turn down or separate twins if they were referred to us" She said "So you are okay with sibling groups?"

We said "Up to age one at time of referral, and we understand that means maybe 18 months at time of travel." She said "So you're okay with a two year old" and The Husband said "yes". That one's on him ;-)

And somehow our HS was written for up to 2 children. Up to 2 years old. It had been such a long process to even get the HS approved that we prayed about it and decided not to amend it to say 1 child. up to 1 year old.

We are just trusting God. The same way one would do in a pregnancy, I suppose. Trusting that God knows his ultimate plan and we are willing vessels for whatever that means! Even if it means twins. Or an 18 month old and a 6 month old. Or just one child. God-willing =))

Erica said...

WOW!!! Love it! We have a couple friends who are each on the list for sibling groups. Like they put it, it's SOOO many thousands $$ to adopt 1, but it's only a couple extra to adopt 2 at once... so... it makes MUCH more sense to provide a home to 2 while you're already over there. Rather than to have to go thru the whole process and $$ again to bring another one home. Good for you! It's awesome that you're open and will await what God has in store!!

Jen said...

Ashley know I love you! Just reminding you of something you already know...something about God's timing being PERFECT and that one minute sooner and one minute later would be "all wrong". :o) Worship while you're waiting...and BACK AWAY FROM THE NUTELLA! :o)

Ashley said...

Hey Ashley!
Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award". You can find the info on my blog. Thanks for being an inspiration!

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