Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 'Un's In My Life...

Unfinished homework.

Unclean laundry. floors. dishes. counters. bathrooms. house.

Unadjusted animals. humans. household.

Unappreciative animals. humans. household.

Unpainted projects sitting in the that "Unstarted" projects sitting in the garage.

Uncomfortable bed. Unless I've been on a long car-ride. Then it's heavenly.

Undefined muscles. In fact, these are being replaced by very DEFINED wrinkles.

Ungrateful cats.

Uninviting washer and dryer set.

Underpaid...well, not right now. Right now I am blogging.

Unredeemable. Redeemed

Uniquely made.

Unworthy of how beautiful my life is...even with all it's 'un's.

*Ashley Lou*


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