Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 Things On My Mind. And My Decision To Boycott Travel

The Husband and I just returned from a whirlwind weekend. One so incredibly packed with meals, fellowship, car-rides, family, and friends that when we arrived at Mi Casa around 5:30pm on Monday? We simply fell into our comfy, clean, cool-sheeted (yes, I prefer cool, cotton sheets) king-size bed and woke around 8pm. 




Vowing never to leave home again.

For real.

I'm never getting into another car again. Except to go to work. And the grocery store. And the dollar jewelry store. And the fabric store. But that's IT!

Ya'll can just come here from now on. I will even put on "real" clothes instead of the high school t-shirt variety I typically don at home. See? This is already Win-Win!

Now for what's on my mind this cloudy, windy, September Tuesday morn:

1.  Razorback Football is the best part about fall. The End.

2.  Since discovering Anthropologie, and realizing I would need to sell vital organs and stop buying my anti-aging creams to purchase ANY of their stuff, I promptly decided I would just make my own. My house has since been taken over with fabric flowers that can be used for corsages, hair bows, and embellishments, necklaces that look like bibs, craft glue, hot glue, needles and thread and lots of ribbons, buttons and tulle. It's unfortunate the toll it's taken on Strategic Human Resources. This week, I have locked up all fabric and blocked Netflix so I can kill all joy in my life with an HR 3-year strategy.

3. My desk has been transformed into a sewing station. I prefer it that way.

4.  September is the best of all Fall months because there is minimal humidity, which makes for great hair days, and opening the windows actually freshens the home...without infecting me with chest congestion. I think I might make apple butter this weekend. Since I can't sew or watch mindless hours of Netflix...............  Mmmm....  Apple Butter.

5.  Have I mentioned I found a wrinkle? An honest-to-Charlie WRINKLE on my forehead. Apparently I furrow my brow far too often. So, if you see me with a surprised look on my face, have no fear. I am simply trying to reverse the damage.

Til I can buy enough land for all of my loved-ones to come live together in a peaceful compound where I am free to wear ancient, stained t-shirts and never have to get in another car,

*Ashley Lou*


jposs said...

I despise traveling. Well okay, I love traveling to exotic places; however, I dislike that it takes all of my energy.

And.. I found my second gray hair this week =(

Rene' said...


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