Friday, September 10, 2010

Strange Dream.

I had a dream last night.

I dreamt I was pregnant.

I blame this on the obscenely very pregnant co-workers waddling hanging around my office.

I woke up very uncomfortable.

And wishing my baby was here.

The End.


Randee said...

Hmm- I drempt the other night that I was going to find out I was pregnant this month. It happened a couple of days after my pregnant sister visited me so that might have something to do with my dream too...

*Ashley Lou* said...

Well, I thought about it a lot this morning... "Could it be I dreamed this because we are "spiritually" pregnant in this adoption?" "Could it be that I look forward to having lots of children through many different avenues?"...but I finally decided that it was just because I keep seeing all these pregnant girls walking around and keep empathizing with how uncomfortable they look, LOL!

Jen said...

so...I've never considered adoption. Not that I've ever been "closed off" to the idea...just never even thought of it in relation to MY life. However, something has opened my eyes recently (reading about the adoption of a young girl from China by one of my favorite authors Dannah Gresh, founder of Pure Freedom) Aaaaanyway....I said ALL of that to say...that I've been talking to Matt about it some-just feeling out where he stands on it. Right now, it's only a thought, of course...but one that I wonder if God hasn't placed in my heart. Or it could just be the motherly side of me longing to help these young parent-less children. I'm not sure.
But...anyway...the other day I awoke with the most elated feeling. In my dreams, I had just given birth (painless, mind you) to the most healthy, beautiful 100% Chinese little boy. It was very oddly strange. In my dream...I hadn't been pregnant, but I'd gone to the hospital knowing something was going on inside of my body and I told the nurse "I feel like I need to push". She had me lay down on the bed and put my feet up and she took a look and said, "you're having a baby but it'll be a while" to which I said "No, I need to push now." She walked out of the room to get a doctor and I looked over at Matt and said, "Here it comes" and I reached down between my legs, gave a gentle push and suddenly in my arms was this little completely Chinese baby boy.
The end.
Yah..that's what you get with dreams. No closure or finalization...just boom! it's over. Blah! I really wanted more of that dream.
Still..It won't get out of my head. What does it mean? Does it even mean anything at all?
Anyway, this post of yours reminded me, yet again, of it and I thought I'd share it with you!
Love ya!

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