Monday, September 20, 2010

5 Things On My Mind. And A Dizzying Array of Arts & Crafts.

The Husband mentioned last night that I hadn't blogged in a while. He's right.

I hate it when he's right.

But, alas, it would seem that with all that IS going's just. not anything of value.

Right now, we are looking forward to hearing from the agency that our Dossier has gotten back so we can go on the waiting list....not that they will actually tell where we are on that list (Jesus, help me!)..What we do know? We will be somewhere between 8th and 28th on that list.


We have an agency Fall Festival on Oct. 16th..and are excited to meet many APs that have gone before us...Maybe we can get the "scoop" on all this =)

So, without further ado...and to minimize the internal pain of not having anything worth anything to share with ya'll, I will leave you with the 5 things on my mind:

1. If I eat Nutella on toast, will that create a balanced breakfast? I am going to, just forget I said anything.

2.  When one determines that the 2-page synopsis due on Monday can effectively be put off til late Sunday night? She should make sure that finding an article won't be an issue.

It was.

Said the sleepwalking zombie.

3.  My wrinkle cream does not appear to be working. Maybe Nutella will help?

4. I ran out of coffee. Will be placing my order today...If you want some, you can order it HERE and help bring Baby Smith home to us! (Sorry for the plug..I am exhausted..and wrinkled up...and not thinking clearly... because of the no-coffee situation mentioned above.)

5.  I have developed a new disease...called "Homework Avoidance". It's quite a lot of fun. Until midnight on Sundays, when I realize that I can't find the article I need (see #2). I thought I would leave you with some of those projects =)
Canvas Art for Baby Smith's room. I am going to do a series of 3 with various scriptures on them.

Just a few of my fabric/ribbon flowers I have been creating. I am working on some corduroy/tulle ones now. Lovely.
Before & After: New Nightstands for Bedroom!
Homework? What homework?

*Ashley Lou*


Ashley said...

Have you ever had a nutella crepe from IHOP? Oh my word..... heaven!!!!

Randee said...

Um- so how do I order the Africa canvas art pictures??? This looks AMAZING?

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