Monday, October 4, 2010

Wait (wAt): To Remain Or Rest In Expectation

So here we sit.


The funny thing is? I wanted this.

I looked forward to this.

I LONGED for this.


Because waiting? Is a normal part of the process in having a child. Every mother "waits".

Not every mother provides 3 dozen official documents, notarized and signed in blue ink.

Or gets fingerprinted and approved by the United States government.

Nor does every mother endure hour after hour of  meetings with social workers (to establish mental stability and a safe home).

Or make 12 million copies of every document that crosses her desk.

Or wonder what would happen if her Dossier was in a building/truck/facility and a fire broke out....

Or if it got lost in the hands of courier/lazy desk-worker/government official.

No, most mothers don't know about all that. They know about waiting though. All mothers know about waiting.

Waiting is normal.

We officially starting waiting on October 1, 2010.

It feels good to be "normal" again.


Ashley said...

Congrats on moving along!!

Randee said...

Again with the "reading of the thoughts in a more eloquesnt way than I am thinking them". Love this post and may have to link to it from my blog in a bit. I have to write some updates before I try and explain the waiting- but this is great! Randee

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