Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letters To My Child: Words of Love.

Dearest one,

Sometimes it feels like we are so far away from you, and then I realize how close we actually are. We are busy getting everything ready for your arrival....making curtains and artwork, getting the house nice and safe for you, making sure that we are reading up on all kinds of mommy and daddy stuff so we can be the best parents possible to you!

I know all of this doesn't make any sense to you right now. I know that where you are, is normal...and even comfortable to you...and I know that coming home with us might be pretty scary for you at first.  We are thankful for the caretakers who are loving you and impacting your life today and we will never forget all they have done for you.  It will always be okay for you to miss them and your birthfamily, to wonder what they look like or how their hugs feel. We want you to  know that it's always okay to have your own feelings and you never need to worry that your feelings might ever change how we feel about you. Our love for you, our child? is unconditional.

We love you so much that right now, our hearts are really far away from us, because right now? Our hearts are already there with you. 

We are praying for your destiny, sweet child. We believe that God has chosen you for something unique, for something special, and for something incredibly your own. We are so excited to get see how He moves in you and through you and are already so proud to be your mommy and daddy.

I love you to the moon and back,


Jen said...

ahhhhh.....tears. I knew they would come because they always do when I read your posts.

So beautiful Ash. How does it feel signing something "mommy"???

Amazing huh? :)

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