Monday, October 4, 2010


That's the word I drank up after reading my devotional tonight.

Yes, It is WAY past my bedtime.

Yes, I have, in fact already had my chamomile tea, climbed into my cozy bed, and started to wind down.

But this? This is far too important to wait until morning. 
This? Is profound. 

And, I know the urgency I feel in my spirit is because someone. somewhere. needs to read this. 

Maybe even right now. 

Maybe not. 

Doesn't really matter.

Excerpt taken from 'Adopted for Life' by R. Moore. 
Chapter 6 p. 165-166

It's true that adoption isn't "natural". We have adoptions because we live in a world groaning under the curse of sin and death. Fathers leave mothers. Mothers get pregnant without marriage. Parents are killed. Diseases ravage villages. It was not so from the beginning. The hard questions about adoption--and the easy ones too-- are only with us because something's gone wrong with the world.

Adoption is modeled after the natural family. But the biological family is also modeled after something-- The Kingdom of God in Christ. King Jesus tells us his reign is hidden from "the wise and understanding" but is revealed to "little children" (Matt. 11:25).

The childlike kingdom we've come into is filled with transracial adoptees like you and me (and yes, unless you are an Israelite, I--Ashley-- am talking to you). It's made up of "special-needs" orphans like us. Sometimes adoptions turn out with families that look remarkably similar--- almost "natural,"   you might say. But let's not fall for the carnality that values boys over girls, that pits ethnicities against one another, or that is repulsed by physical or emotional weakness. Let's be the people of Christ, and, like him, let's teach ourselves to welcome children into our homes, even those our culture tells us we're. not. supposed. to. want.

Such powerful words.



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