Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting Is Hard.

Today has been hard.

Waiting is always hard. But for some reason, Today? I really feel it.

I have friends who think we've had it worse...getting a referral, losing that referral and of course, rejoining the waiting masses.

I can't help but think they have it worse. Waiting with no respite?

At least I had a season of joy and bliss in the midst of all this hardship... I have friends that are 12-18 months in waiting. Hanging on to whatever threads of hope they can. No experiencing the bliss of that day when your phone finally rings that special ringtone you have set aside for your case manager. No vacation from the anxiety and frustration.

That seems so much harder to me.

But regardless of the scenario....Waiting is hard for everyone.

Watching the days pass by without that magical call?

Doing the math? "Well if we get a referral in Jan., we might get court in April, which means we might get Embassy in June"

Re-evaluating your brillant math with each passing day?



Watching and  rejoicing with friends as they move through the process, all the while secretly envious that you are still in the deep recesses of waiting and they are floating on cloud nine?

No, it's impossible to try to identify if one person's waiting is easier...or harder...And it simply doesn't matter.

Waiting is just hard.



Ashley said...

I can't say I understand your specific situation but I know that we waited a long time for our dream as well and it is very difficult to be patient and trust God's timing. Praying for you!

Bumber's Bumblings said...

Same as Ashley said above!! P.s. I love your blog layout! Really cute!

Erica said...

I gave in and did a Random Things post. And I tagged you too :)

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