Monday, January 2, 2012

two twelve fifteen?

I am not really sure how to count our wait.

Technically we had a brief reprieval from the awful dried-up land of waiting.

But since we are no closer to bringing home Little Smith, it doesn't seem like taking those months out of the count is right, either.

I suppose it doesn't really matter.

The fact is we are waiting.

Praying hard that God brings forth His will for our family.

Praying that our child is cared-for, loved, and that no attempts of the enemy to thwart our child's destiny make any headway.

Praying that Little Smith doesn't feel hopelessness, sorrow, or lonliness in this season of waiting.

That  somehow Little Smith would know that there are people out there loving him/her with everything they have.

That those people are doing everything possible to get to their child.

That they aren't going to stop until he/she knows the safety, love, and comfort of a family.

That they haven't given up.

And that waiting is really hard for them, too. 

Whether it's two months, twelve months, or fifteen months.


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