Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Melange of Moses Moments

You can't help it......You want to look through them dont'cha?

The little hoodlum is too darn cute to resist.
That's his only saving grace right now.

Moses is about 3 months old now...and about 3ft tall on his hind legs....And all puppy.....
His favorite toys?

A rubber chicken that squeaks constantly....For real. Constantly. Without end. Until I distract him with a treat and remove the unwelcome guest.

Kate Spade shoes...Can I just vent for a minute about this one.... I don't buy nice shoes. Ever. I buy 80% of everything I own second-hand. On purpose. And these shoes magically fell into my hands at a bag sale at one of the local upscale consignment stores. I didn't even KNOW what Kate Spade shoes looked like. Or how sought after they are. So imagine my joy in walking out in my almost-brand-spankin'-new-perfectly-fitting-red-Kate-Spade-heels.  These shoes were how we realized he couldn't be trusted and that all shoes have to be at least 3ft off the ground.

Rest in peace, dear sweet, amazing bargain, shoes.... Rest in pease.

His food bowl. And when he gets the urge? He's got the urge. No amount of food or water with withstand his desire to completely destroy the food bowl. It has become his greatest nemesis, making its way into the living room almost every evening where he delights in showing off his recent massacre.

He's a monster.

My sweet wittle wovable monster.


Lindsay said...

Your puppy looks exactly like my dog, Maddy (even down to the black tail)! Everyone asks us what kind of dog she is, and we have no idea. We got her as a rescue when she was super little.

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