Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am knee-deep in Seven these days.

I have written half a dozen blog posts about it that I may never haven't posted yet.

I am feeling it....

Like feeeeeeeling it.  

Maybe because I am past the horrific headache/caffeine withdrawal phase of This.

But seriously folks.

This book is changing my life.  Here is my new BFF  Jen Hatmaker's recent post about it. 

It's seriously good stuff....

Good like the million deserts and finger foods I had to abstain from at a watch party last night.

Good like watching the Hogs dominate over some little Kansas kitty-cats (sorry anyone out there rooting for the wrong team) in the Cotton Bowl.

Good like guessing the score would be 17-28 and watching the game end with the score at 16-29.

Good like knowing it was divine intervention that got your guess that close.

Seriously. Good. Stuff.


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