Thursday, January 27, 2011

This weekend....

I have to:

Do three loads of laundry.

Clean the kitchen and dining room.

Make 5 onesies, a hat, and a blanket for orders shipping Monday.

Study 'Lean Six Sigma'.

Go grocery shopping.

Paint my toenails.

Crawl into the fetal position and call my mommy.

Convince friends to come do 1 and 2 for me.

Plan a vacation. Somewhere tropical. With drinks that have umbrellas and come in coconuts.

Think about quitting soda.

Put "quitting soda" in the "maybe column"

Completely forget about quitting soda.

Send pictures of me drinking soda to all my friends who have "quit" the good stuff.

Make myself a new headband.

And stay up too late watching Anne of Green Gables.
"Chrysathemum: c-h-r-y-s-a-t-h-E-m-u-m"...Take that Gilbert-smarty-pants!

Then end.

What's on your agenda this weekend?


Ashley said...

1. Clean house
2. Think about eating healthy.
3. Get rid of unhealthy foods in the house.
4. Move 2 & 3 to the maybe column.
5. Forget about 2 & 3.
6. Eat the rest of the chocolate chip cookies.
7. Buy something for baby.
8. Enjoy my free time.

Randee said...

I LOVE watching Anne of Green Gables- that sounds like the best part of your upcoming weekend :) We are still working on our plans, but I think they will include a trip to Dallas although will probably NOT also be a trip to IKEA as I would like. I want to nursery plan but spending actual money is another story altogether.

Thanks for the furniture painting advice- I need lots of ideas for tackleing these dressers. They are about 5 feet wide each and are the old, ugly brown kind. I dread having to sand them because it will take forever, but they are super sturdy and should last forever so it's probably worth it!

*Ashley Lou* said...

@Ashley: Loving #'s 2 and 3. Keep dreaming big!=)

@Randee: Purchase a sander. $30. Totally worth it.

The O'Neal Family said...

here it top ten list
1. Work on documentation of matient notes over the past week
2. See 3 patients at the hospital
3. Fill out a grant application for adoption money
4. Help some friends clean out their junk food at their house and prepare them for a healthy food makeover
5. Make a brochure for our orphan ministry
6. Talk at church about the orphan ministry
7. Vacuum
8. Grocery shopping
9. Church
10. Update blogs (adoption and my lil man Jalen's)

Feels good to write it all down :)

The O'Neal Family said...

oops, that should have said "patient" notes...very tired right now...guess #1 should say GO TO SLEEP :)

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