Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Things on my mind. Some kind of record.

5 posts this week already?

This has to be some kind of record. right?? ;-)

1. Last night's State of the Union address got me thinking about what my first job was (What? Were there other things mentioned?). I was 9 (Yes, Nine!) and I seriously wanted a job. My mom was great and totally fed into this completely irrational desire of mine. She knew some people [Don't ALL moms "know" the right people?] and got me a job folding t-shirts at a fudge factory on Spring Street in Eureka Springs. She worked it out where the Trolley would pick me up in the morning (What a wonderful memory!)--I had an 'unlimited rider' pass---and I could walk down to the Trolley Station in the afternoon and find the route time that could take me home. My mom knew the Trolley drivers. My mom knows everyone. I remember one specific day when I got to meet a friend for lunch. Let me tell you, I was Gah-rown.

I still get queasy at the smell of cooking fudge. 

I don't actually remember getting paid.

2. Yesterday, I learned that I have too much on my plate and let the wrong things slide right off the side...I learned that I can forsake glory and fame for the ability to work with strong people. I learned that, if given the chance, I will eat an entire bag of Hershey kisses...I don't even like chocolate that much so this was a serious revelation.

3. The vending machine at the office was out of Pibb Xtra. Un. Acceptable.

4.  I need a sewing class.

5. I finish grad. school in 8 weeks. The day before my birthday. I am shamelessly reminding my co-workers that it is completely appropriate to bring gifts when we present our projects to the board [people come and watch that boring nonsense...I'll never understand it]

You can feel free to send gifts too. Amazon gift-cards are especially appreciated ;-)


Randee said...

Lovin all the posts this week! Keep them up :) Actually, have you considered being an everyday blogger? Maybe after your masters is done...just a thought.

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