Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spring Fundraiser Plans

 Hi everyone! We are starting to plan a spring yard sale fundraiser to help fund our TWO trips to Ethiopia this year to get Baby Smith! Right now, the plan is to host this around the beginning of April (barring we are in ET already!) We are praying for God's open doors in a couple of areas:

1. We are still praying about the right location in NWA. Because so many of the people who have offered to donate are there, it didn't make sense to bring everything to Tulsa!! We are praying for a location "right in the mix" so lots of people can come buy our stuff!!! :-)

2. We still need more donations! For now, I am asking that anyone who would be willing to plan to donate to our BIGGEST FUNDRAISER YET!!, please either comment on this post or email me privately and, YES, Tulsa peeps, you can donate too, we'll get the stuff there!!!! And, hey, if there are enough Tulsa donations, we'll just do TWO! Imagine how awesome that would be?!?! =))

3. Please pray for God's continued favor on our journey. We are praying that our referral comes sooner than expected, we believe that's not above God and we ask you to pray with us that the remainder of our journey is speedy and without any more major hurdles!

We know, more than ever that it takes a village, and we feel incredibly blessed to know how big our village has become!

Thank you for considering to help us on this mission! Feel free to invite anyone else you think might be interested!!!


Randee said...

Yay for yard sales!!! We have done 3 so far and made around $4,000 and plan to have ANOTHER one in March or April. They are quite a lot of work, but can be well worth it. As you get closer remind me and I will tell you some things that have worked well for us that you might consider. I feel as though I am becoming a professional at having yard sales :)

Ashley said...

I've got some stuff I can donate! Let me know what you want me to do with it.

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