Saturday, January 22, 2011

5 Things on my mind

1. I try so-very-hard to do my devotional every morning. Really, I do. But, I am only good at it about 50% of the time...Ya see....mornings? well, I've never been very *fond* of mornings. But I really love my devo. I really love starting my days with God and the word and by being spiritually challenged. And, so I am trying harder. Yes, I am starting new tomorrow.

2. It's possible that I have begun procrastinating even the things I procrastinate with. Enter: Lord of the Rings instead of sewing instead of reviewing my research proposal for Monday night..Yes indeed, I have hit a new low.

3.  I was blessed this week by a fellow AP that I have never actually met. 
[Back story: We met over a year ago on a facebook group when we were very VERY early in the process. She and her husband then accepted a waiting child and have been home quite some time with their baby girl.
As I was reseaching devotionals at the beginning of the year, I posted a request for favorites on FB. Well this mom told me that she had a Sanctuary Bible/Devotional for Women and that if I was interested, she would give it to me. Just. Give it to me. Not asking for anything for it. Nothing in return. Just a gift. And it was quite a gift too. I have loved reading it every evening (yes, I am better at night) and have since found a way to repay her kindness. She said it was a "Happy Baby-Year" gift....Only in adoption-land. But I am continually grateful and blessed by this new world and those who "understand", like this mom did!

4.  Blankets are harder than they look. Next time someone makes you a blanket. Kiss them right on their face. Blankets are hard. I don't know why I keep making them. I hate making them. I'm never making another blanket as long as I live.

That's probably a lie.

I can't explain it.

5.  I watched Young Victoria last weekend. It was Uh-mazing. I have since been addicted to her story. Seriously. I have been googling and wikipedia-ing ever since. 

You should totally watch it.

That's my official recommendation.

The End.


Matt and Sarah said...

I can totally relate to #2. It is a wonder I made it through college and grad school! :)

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