Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a few things on my mind..

I love having been a blogger long enough to peruse old posts and see what I was thinking one (or even sometimes two) year(s) ago.

I was thinking THIS last year.

I still believe all those things are true.

And that's that.

The End.

I joke, I joke.

I DO still believe all those things, but I have So. Much. More to tell you.

Like, for instance, did you know that some of your vaccinations wear off when you get old wiser and more beautiful?

Example: I have whooping cough.Which, ironically, I thought was some irradicated disease that I only knew about because of Anne of Green Gables some science class I must have taken at some point in my educational years.

But, nope. It's for real. An awful, brutal, bacteria that causes me to periodically  cough, gasp, turn purple, and almost puke...nevermind. And then I am fine. Which makes people think I am somehow faking.

I wish I had thought to fake this.

Then maybe someone would have brought me a cupcake from Here to drown my faker-faker-onion-raker sorrows in.

But I didn't. And the real stuff is not fun or indulgent at all.

And STILL no one has brought me any cupcakes to drown my coughing, gasping, purple sorrows in.
In other irrelevent news:

I am working on Cupcake's comforter. I really can't wait to show ya'll what I am envisioning (assuming what I envison turns out to be less than a disaster). I thought it would be done by now however with Lil' Tank hanging out with us for a few weeks, my sewing, crafting, self-indulgent time has greatly decreased.

But in an effort to tease you with my vision, I will say...It required no-fray, pre-cut chiffon (which I did NOT even know they made Praise the Lord) and a new ruffler attachment for my machine (I am the envy of all who least those without said-ruffler attachment).

I thought the new attachment was a good investment since I see zebra-print pettiskirts in my future and a ruffler would greatly decrease my time spent doing these things.

So maybe I can look for more inspiration for Cupcake's room on Pinterestwatch mindless hours of netflix  cook, or clean, or do laundry occasionally. (See Honey? Win-win).

So aside from the new--see above: "wiser and more beautiful"--allergies, the aforementioned whooping cough, and the extra-busy 5-year old schedule, we are just thanking the Lord for our sweet girl and praying fervently for quick process and her protected heart as we wait to hear when we will be making our way those 8,000 miles to kiss her sweet cheeks.

It's been 4 weeks and 2 days.

In case you were wondering =)


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