Friday, February 25, 2011

5 Things On My Mind....

I am strictly doing this for my friend Randee...who is a faithful follower and gives me undeserved coolness by mentioning every now and then that she "misses my blog". It makes me smile when she does such things.

So, here goes the 5 things on my mind...right now, anyways!

1.  Things haven't gone as happily along as we had hoped on the adoption front (but we are praising God for other families that have accepted and are waiting to meet their new children). We are praying that God would continue to have favor on our process and that we could be united with our little guy or gal as soon as He sees fit! No matter what the story, we trust that He is still sovereign and we are constantly reminding ourselves that He hasn't forgotten about us here. When you think about it, please pray for families adopting, as it is sometimes can feel like we are wandering alone in the desert land.

2.  I am excited about JBF coming back to town and my ability to get into the pre-sale this weekend! I am more prepared than  I was last time, as I know what I am looking for AND that curling up in the fetal position will get me NOWHERE in the masses of crazed moms! There was seriously no mercy in that building. But this time? Stoller section....I will own you.

3.  My husband is leading worship this Sunday at the church I grew up in (shout out GFCC!). I don't get to go. Dumb graduate school project.

4. Speaking of graduate school....4 more weeks. That's it... Unless, of course, the whiney people win out and get the presentations backed up a week to make up for idea of  which I ? am not in favor of. It will be nice to be done. To actually NOT have stuff to work on all the time, as opposed to my current system of just ignoring those things by sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting "Lalalalalalalalalalalala..I can't heeeeear you". 

Yes, that will be nice.

I can already hear the playing of 'Pomp and Circumstance' in my head every time I think about it!

5.  I just finished reading There Is No Me Without You. It. Was. Riveting. I was actually really disappointed when the book ended. I highly recommend you read it...but don't read it without a huge box of tissues, or maybe some chocolates..or mashed potatoes...we all grieve different, afterall.

Don't judge me, I am an emotional confirmed on WebMD.

So, that's where I am today. Just trekking along...answering the phone with anticipation every time it's an area code I don't recognize and then throwing it down in anger every time it's an automated call (dumb telemarketers using up time the agency might need).

It's not pretty. But it's truth.

Happy Friday to all!


Randee said...

Love it! This is why I miss it when you write- you make ME smile :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

Ashley said...

I can't imagine your excitement about graduation! It'll be here so soon! Praying your wait is not much longer- keep trusting!!

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