Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday.

To my little sister, Gator.

Maker of mashed potatoes brilliance.

Pork-chops extrodinaire.

And amazing nephews.

Who calls me by a one-syllable nickname.

Apologizes ahead of time when [said] nephew references a hippo as his aunt. ahem. heh.

Who takes delicious recipes to  her grave (diagnosed middle-child syndrome)

To the one who never would wrestle with siblings,
yet spares no mercy when "socking" you in the arm.

To the one who stole all the little debbie snacks to sell at school

And covered her side of the room in N-sync posters (347 at last count)

To the one with a dramatic flare that is only matched by her compassion

Who works so hard and is incredibly responsible.

To the one that makes me proud to have a sister

And thankful that it's her....

Happy Birthday.

I'm sorry I tried to sell you, told you you were left by gypsies, and sold you half-used nail polish at full retail price.



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