Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Rant, Therefore I Am.

In the words of Henry Kissinger, "There cannot be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full".

It is 5pm on a Saturday night. I am sitting at the office working on homework, preparing to meet with my team in T-minus 55 minutes. Today I:

Woke up to my alarm at 6am.

Grunted "Get thee behind me, Satan" and rolled back over.

Jolted up at 6:34am, remembering that I had to go stand in line with 300 crazed moms at the Just Between Friends sale at 8:30am and would definitely require a caffeine stop on the way in order to survive.

Splashed water on my face, looked at myself in the mirror (still only one eye opened--so my judgment may have been skewed), pinched my cheeks (like Anne would do), and thought to myself "That'll do, girl. That'll do".

Made said caffeine stop "Triple shot. Por Favor".

And began what might have been the most stressful event of the year (and yes, I recall that I am in the middle of an international adoption while also attending graduate school and working need to remind me).

Today? Was the culmination of the longest. most tiring. ridiculously unusual. ulcer-upsetting. week.


I'm not even sure I've been home. My husband (thankfully) misses me. My dog has gone on a hunger strike until I return to a schedule that is to his satisfaction and the cats have disowned me.

But, this week hasn't been ALL work and no play! We--quite unexpectedly--got to complete our USCIS fingerprints on Tuesday. Which prompted a mad-dash to the Dossier finish line, crippled by a realization that The Husbands passport would expire before the required time--causing my hands to sweat as I tried to fill out the renewal form, write the check for the expedited service and overnight it to the government.

I don't know about you guys? But I am really uncomfortable with so many of my plates spinning in the Govt.'s hands.....

Thankfully, we were able to get that on it's way and (since, in this case, money can buy happiness) expect it's return shortly.

In related news, at JBF today, Baby Smith got some great loot. I was overwhelmed in the stroller section and decided to leave that for another day, since my nerves were only increasing my sweatiness....but was still able to get *almost* everything I wanted.

*Loudly*: To the lady who got to the 6 foot giraffe statue before I could...."Enjoy it. I hope your Safari nursery is complete now...You know, the way MINE would have been.............."

Below, are a few pics of all the stuff I got. Added were some awesome presents for one of my BFF's (Baby Ruth) daughter, Princess Rockstar. I was super-excited about all my girly-finds and can't wait til she is rockin' out in the tutu! Overall, it was a good week---though not one I hope to repeat soon-- and I will *try* to re-approach the strollers at the 1/2 price sale. I think I will be more prepared this time around! This is definitely unchartered territory for The Husband and I, but I am trying to remain graceful through it all....
(i.e. NOT curling up into the fetal position in the middle of hundreds of strollers)

'Til life returns to normal and my dog eats again,
*Ashley Lou*

P.S. My total cost at JBF (1st sale anyways): $200...Not bad, if I do say so myself =)
Stuff for B. Smith: two pieces of art for the nursery, pack-n-play, cowboy horse swing, high-chair, shopping cart cover, activity mat
Stuff for Princess Rockstar: 1 sequined cheerleader outfit, several tutus, pink cowboy boots!
Gumball Machine: Not for the baby. I just couldn't resist. Funny fact, I actually HAD the gumballs to put in it already!


Rene' said...

very cute stuff, looks like excellent condition too :) love the gumball machine, yours is cuter than ours :( so is the arrival soon?

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