Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another one of those... I was rushing across T-Town to find two of the netbooks I had a rain-check (soon to expire) for...I found myself thinking some amazingly random thoughts about all that has gone on in my life, recently...

I thought to myself,  "Man, I should totally blog this stuff. This is great!! My blog family needs to hear this!"

Today, all I can remember from all of those 'amazing' thoughts is that there are a lot of hippies at the Target at Hwy 75 & 71st St. And that I am excited a new $1 Jewelry store has opened up in the shopping center....

I think some of my other thoughts were probably better than that one....

Has anyone ever noticed how many posts I make about all the great ideas I had *and lost* to blog about?


And, that's why I love you so much!

Seriously, I plan to tell you all about my life...
as soon as I get a break from it!

From: The Greatest Blogger That Never Was,
*Ashley Lou*

P.S. It was 9 weeks Tuesday (Aug. 3) since our home visit. And 13 weeks since we approved to move forward with the homestudy. No word. I'm starting to take it personal.


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