Wednesday, August 18, 2010

5 Things On My Mind...And Pie.

1. Stress-Levels:  Sometimes I can't imagine how pregnancy could be more stressful than adoption. In pregnancy, you don't have to depend on the United States Citizen and Immigration Services....or Bank of America...or social workers....AND it's only 9 months...I am not an expert on this matter by any means, so I will let you know for sure in a couple of years...but my gut is leaning towards adoption as the winner.

2.  Bathrooms: I always close the bathroom door in a hotel room...Even if I am traveling alone. The interesting thing, is The Husband would say I need to practice that more at home!

3.  Paperwork: Lately, paperwork terrifies me. I realized today that even the most menial documents almost cause me to break out in hives....."Should this be in blue ink?"...."What will be delayed if I miss something?"...."What if the ink smudges?"....

Don't judge me. 

You don't know.....

4: Food: I always eat really good when I travel.  I don't always eat "well" but I always eat good....
(She said as she took another bite of key lime pie)

5:   "Look At Me":  I am always excited when there are a lot of notifications waiting for me, on facebook....

Then I remember that I commented on another person's status on something congratulatory.

No one was really interested in me.

Then I am sad.

Then I repent for being selfish.

Then I eat more pie.
 On my way home from completing our USCIS fingerprints!

The Husband showing those pearly whites!


Erica said...

SO glad you got your prints done early!! Did you remember to call your Caseworker at CIS to let them know that you got them done early??

Randee said...

I agree that IA stress MUST be more than pregnancy, but I only have experienced this and don't know the other :) You totally make me laugh! I'm at the beginning of being terrified of paperwork and my goal is to have everything done and approved by Sept 8th so my birthday on the 9th is stress free! We'll see if that happens but I can dream :)

chickadee. said...

I don't know Ashley- all those out there who have been pregnant may disagree- although the only person I'd trust is someone who did both! I think the journey is hard both ways-there is a longing to be with your child and there is very little to do to speed things up, impatient people don't do well in either case.

*Ashley Lou* said...

Which is EXACTLY why I put the *disclaimer* in there that I would know better in a couple of years. I know there are some major similarities in the process...the impatience, the longing, nesting, and *according to some of my friends* the weight-gain ;-)

But. You are the one in charge with pregnancy. You (with God, of course). And no one can take that away from you. If my baby has been may be another 10 months before I can watch out for him/her--and I don't think anyone would disagree that a mother's care is the best--I mean I am sure they are caring for my child--but they aren't "mommy"...Then when you thing about the journey? Just to get to him/her, I have to traverse: The U.S. Government, the Ethiopian Government, Social-workers who take vacations before completing my home study, banks who refuse to sign one little piece of paper and dr,'s offices who *swear* there isn't a single blue pen in their entire office.

Complicates things a little......Not to mention the gestational period. Only elephants really understand what it's like to be "pregnant" for 18 months...=)

Just a thought =)

Rene' said...

love the shirt in the pix. don't we all love those "comments" on our posts and blogs, makes us feel like people are 'reading and sharing ' with us.

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