Sunday, August 29, 2010

Letters To My Child: You Get Two...

Dearest one,

Lately, I have been thinking about your culture. Your heritage. I think about how--so badly--we want to integrate Ethiopian culture so commonly into our lives that it doesn't feel forced, or unnatural. I think about how you might someday have brothers and sisters who aren't brown-skinned and how I want them to feel connected to Ethiopia, too. You know, your daddy and I already do. We feel such a heart-connection to learn as much as we can about your birth-country. The language. The food. The culture and holidays. Because of you. Because of how much we already love you. It's not a forced thing. We don't do it out of obligation. We do it because we want to know that, when God gives you to us to raise and protect and shepherd, that we are able to do it. That we are sensitive to so many things that might easily just be ignored. We don't ever want you to feel like you missed out on something. That something that was part of you...was neglected.

You see, you get two. You ALWAYS get two. You get two cultures. You get two mommies (Enat). You get two countries....That means twice as many holidays (I think even mommy and daddy are really excited about that!). And, that is really special. That makes my heart sing a little. It makes mommy? really excited about the future.

But you know what else? I know there will be seasons where you don't care. I know there will be seasons where you don't want to be different. And I know there will be seasons where you wish you were JUST Ethiopian. But? You always get two. Someday, we hope, that will be a beautiful part of your heritage--and ours too...But in those seasons where you are still figuring all that out...know that we will always love you. We won't always have the answers. We won't always know how you feel. But? We will ALWAYS love you. We will always walk that path WITH you. You won't ever be alone. Because, we know that...someday, you will see how special and unique your identity is and how, while every part of your life makes it was never determined by being American, or Ethiopian, or adopted....It was always determined by God. You were so special to God, that He kept His hand on you. He knew that your life was no mistake. Your destiny was never forsaken. You were important enough to protect and hold....

Tonight, half a world away, that is my prayer. That God protect and hold you. That you are always comforted ard never alone. That the time between now and when we can hold you is as quick as the blink of an eye. We love you, dear child. More than you will ever know.

All my love,


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That's beautiful Ashley!

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