Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Very Cool Gift.

This was what was waiting for me when I arrived home tonight.

Have you ever gotten a really big package in the mail?

It's exciting.

It could be dog food...and it's STILL exciting to get packages in the mail!

It wasn't dog food, though.

It was gold.

FABRIC Gold!!!!!

From my high school history teacher.

I know. It's unbelievable.... but you don't know Ms. M. 

She IS unbelievable!

Rabbit Trail: One specific memory I have from Ms. M that touched my heart completely was after a friend died in a car accident. This friend didn't go to my school but to a neighboring school...Thus, our school wasn't let out for the visitation and funeral. But I went anyways. And by going, I missed cheerleading practice (I know, horrific, right???). My cheerleading coach pulled me into her office the next day and began berating me about letting my team down (by missing PRACTICE) and not holding up to my obligations (mind you, my emotions are hanging on by a thread as it is) and before releasing me LATE to my next class, she benched me two games. During football season. Which was the only reason I cheered at all. Before leaving cheer coach's office, I told her I would do it again. That I wasn't sorry. Then, bearing my blotchy and tear-streaked face, I ran to my next class, U.S. History. My teacher took me in the hall to get the scoop about my condition. And she got mad. REALLY mad. And told me that some people are just.... well...she made it clear that I had nothing to be upset about. That I had done nothing wrong and should be proud of myself for standing up for what was right. It meant a lot to me....... Still does.

She was very cool.

And this? Is a very cool gift from a very cool woman. 
One who I was lucky to learn from.

At first glace, these were my FAVORITES!

I was honored that she passed these on to me. And I will do my best to make her proud by turning them into amazing creations!

I am so excited to brainstorm some awesome designs!!

And today? I am full of gratitude.

P.S. Thanks to Ms. M, I can also sing all the states and capitals to the Animaniacs tune. 

Oh yes, I can.

Just get me started! =)

You can check out Ms. M's blog about creativity HERE!


Randee said...

I read this last night and loved it! I can only imagine how excited you were to get a box full of fabric! What a special teacher too.

Lo @ Not Your Average Southern Belle said...

Definitely one of my fav teachers as well :) And every time I think about our high school cheerleading experience, a cross between Sue Sylvester and Peggy Post comes to mind...hmm. I still get self conscious about chewing gum TO THIS DAY!

Erica said...

I love Ms. M!! She was also one of my very favorite teachers. Loved history, but working with her on Student Council was my fav experience with her!

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