Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home sick.

I know, ya'll.  I am as surprised as you.

I woke up feeling head-congested....

Blamed a co-worker for infecting me with her viral disease.

Started feeling tingly.

Back-story: I can ALWAYS tell when I am feverish because my skin gets really tingly and sensitive all over.

Debated going home since I had earlier overemphasized my sickly-ness in order to make [above-mentioned] co-worker feel guilty.

Decided to go home anyways.

Got home and confirmed increased sickly-ness with temperature-taking

Whipped up a rice hot-pack

And some echinechea tea.

And made my home on the couch under my mom's crocheted blanket.


Randee said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! I was sick for 24 hours earlier this week and it is annoying. Hoping you can rest and get better soon!

Ashley said...

Sorry you're sick! Praying you feel better soon!

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