Thursday, March 3, 2011

Join with us!

The timing of God never ceases to amaze me. In my frustration and anxiety, I had forgotten an aspect of my faith that has always proven to strengthen my spirit-man and draw me closer again to Him. So imagine my surprise when reading blogs this morning, I stumbled across THIS call.

When we are joyful and excited, we are not the only people on the earth experiencing that emotion. But sometimes we forget that when we feel discouraged and downtrodden, we are also...not. alone.

After reading Lyndsey's post, I was more certain than ever that this attack of the enemy is not specific to me but rather is an attack on the hope and confidences we have in God to quickly unite our families!

So let's stand together this week. Let's resolve that this attack of the enemy is thwarted, not only for us as individuals, but for us as a corporate body! Nothing makes the enemy happier than hope deferred. Regardless of how it looks.... So let's join with the heart of the Father and stand strong against these attacks that discourage our hearts and confidence.

"Fasting is our body joining with our soul to cry out to God in response to disaster, lack of love or holiness or compassion, the impoverished in the world, sin, death, or the absence of justice or peace or love. Fasting is our bodies NATURAL response to 'grievous sacred moments' in life."

Will you join with us in  a 24 hour fast beginning after dinner on Thursday and lasting through dinner on Friday?


Rebecca said...

Hope you are encouraged today! Every time I think about eating because I'm hungry (which has been a lot already - and will be a lot for the rest of the day), I'm praying for another family. Praying for you guys! Hope peace is washed over you today!

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