Sunday, March 6, 2011


"Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, "This is the way, walk in it," Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left." Isaiah 30:21

I can't really express into words the events that have happened around me this week. It was a complete whirlwind of activity and news and struggles and fears and confusion....

Before this week, I had already been struggling emotionally with the preparation that we were not even halfway done with "waiting", so Thursday when I came across a call from another adoptive blogger,  I committed to fast on Friday. Because honestly?  I needed to hear God again.  I needed to feel His presence in my situation and know that I wasn't wandering alone, lost.

Wow.  If ever there was an attack, it was Friday.

I didn't even have words. I didn't know what to to to process....

On the one hand: This new directive means a much LONGER process (a process I was already struggling with) and means a much LONGER time frame that children remain in orphanages. And Every. Single. Day. that a child is without a family is one day too long.

On the other hand:  There IS corruption.  It's naive to ignore that truth. There are unethical people involved in what can only be described as horrific situations (and honestly, that's an understatement).  Adoption IS God's plan for redemption for the orphans. But corruption is the enemy's way of twisting and distorting the will of God. It makes me so angry, I am certain I could breath fire at times! How dare the enemy get his hands on one child's story and destroy it with corruption and tragedy? How dare the enemy corrupt the will of God with baby-trafficking and birthfamily coercion?  We came to adoption because we knew we could love an orphan with all the love two parents can offer...NEVER- NEVER did we dream that a stable, loving family might be broken up because the mighty dollar and two westerners came to adoption?!? { I cry just typing that thought out}.....And so, if it's truly about combating this corruption, then this new directive is a necessary means. And I would rather know that our story is one of God's redemption  than worry about the discovery that it's been tainted with any of the enemy's schemes...

But that's a lot of noise to process.

And what I really wanted to do? was listen.

Our call is to the orphans. We are certain that our family has been called to adoption. But we still need to ask God if at any point in our process, our flesh got in the way. From the day I gave my heart, truly, to God....I vowed that I would do everything possible to bring Him glory with my life.

In my marriage.

In my personal and professional lives.

And through my family.

Adoption? Is just a piece of that puzzle.

Right now, it feels like a pretty important piece....but I must remember that  it's not the whole puzzle.

So listening to God's direction. Following closely to what He directs. And trusting that He has our hand all the way, is all we can do.

We have some praying and seeking to do over the next couple of weeks.  In our own situation, we are seeking for direction. In the general sense, I know our community has been shocked by this news, and we must band together and pray for the children, the families, and the officials involved in this process, that God's hand would be on every aspect. 

I don't know what that looks like. 

I don't know that we will like the end result. 

But more than anything, I want to know---without the shadow of a doubt---that God's people rose up against the attack of the enemy on adoption. That we banded together against corruption and unethical people and organizations. That we fought for the right of every orphan to have a family.

Because, at least for The Husband and I? That's the most important thing.

So bear with us if there is no news for a while. Pray with us as we seek God. And stand with us as we battle an attack of the enemy far more wide-reaching than simply a longer process.

In the end, we know our God is bigger than any attack of the enemy! Adoption bring glory to God! Our hope is not deferred because our God is victorious! 

Can't wait to see how He gets the glory in this story!



Ashley said...

I totally agree with the author of "Adopted for Life" when he said that adoption is spiritual warfare and that babies are always caught in the middle. It's so sad. I'm praying every day for this situation and for you and Erica. I know it must be so hard.

Matt and Sarah said...

Thank you for putting into words the cry of my heart.

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