Wednesday, March 23, 2011

5 {or close} Things On My Mind

My birthday, capstone presentation, and normal work/life activities have put blogging on the back burner lately....the WAY WAAAAY back burner.

Okay, so the truth is.....

I have writer's block.

I do not--however--have nothing going on to write about. The wall is somewhere right between the things that are perfect to be written about, and the ability to actually write them.

So instead, let me indulge you in my recent joys, starting with my purchase tonight:

Yes, I know. It's truly shameful.

I have survived the last year on recipes from the blog...but now I wanted the whole shebang!

Jodi Picoult is one of my two favorite authors. I was bawling over My Sister's Keeper years before they even considered making it a movie. She is raw and deals with the most controversial issues in an intriguing and objective perspective.

And then there's my other fav. Ted Dekker

And finally, an untrusted author...but I have heard such good things about this book, I had to give a try =)
Next on my list of indulges?



Randee said...

Have fun with all your books! Oh- and let me know if you recommend the cookbook, I am curious :)

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