Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Letter To My Child: Lessons. [Long Overdue].

To my dearest one, my firstborn, my eldest,

Of all the lessons I want to be there for. Of all the things I don't want to miss in your life...One of the most important lessons, we are each learning separately, however completely intertwined with each other.


I know every single day that I am walking it out. The funny thing is that as much as this season pains me, I know that you don't even know yet the lengths we are going to, just to bring you home.  Sometimes I imagine you years down the road, reading this and commenting about how patient you were being waiting for your mommy and daddy.

Yes, you are child. You are doing a great job being patient. I am certain that you are doing a much better job than we are. That's the beauty of not knowing what God has in store for you.

Change is hard, yes. It won't be easy for you when you become part of our family. We live really far away from Ethiopia, we speak a different language, and we don't cook injera very well [yet]. And I bet God will have to teach us all some pretty important lessons when we get to that point.... Once we're all together, finally making the family that God called together long. Long. Ago.

So, I suppose if I am going to do a good job learning those lessons, I had better get practice doing a good job with these.

But know that it hasn't been easy for us. We love you SO much, and knowing that an ocean continues to separate us just breaks your mommy's heart.

But we are going to be pros at learning lessons, aren't we?

I love you to the moon and back 
[or more literally: across the ocean and back],

Your Mom.

P.S. Your cousin Tank says hello. He thinks it will much more fun to visit us once you're here.

P.P.S. We're practicing on the injera. We know it's important =)


Rebecca said...

Oh, patience. People always say not to pray for God to give you patience or he will. Um, I've never prayed for patience...but he's teaching me about it anyway :)

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