Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 {ish} Things On My Mind

1. Why is it so hard to find a Murphy bed? We (and by "we" I mean, I) really want to remodel our office/music/craft room and include "guest room" in the mix. That way Little Smith has a beautiful bedroom all of his/her own when we get home. Someday. hopefully soon

But they are EX-pensive new. And I thought surely, I'd be able to find one used or older. But, nope. So the search continues...Unfortunately, I will not accept any substitutes as I so easily resigned myself to in the case of the Picnic Basket.

P.S. In case you are wondering, this is a Murphy Bed:

2. Watermelon is awesome. The End.

3.  I need some friends to read/love The Hunger Games trilogy. I feel very alone in my stalking of the movie casting/shooting business. I need someone to talk to. Someone who will make me feel better about my turning into some kind of "Twi-hard fan" or "Glee-k".

4.  This guy.

Is coming to see me in a couple of weeks. Lil' Tank is my sister, Gator's, kid. He's pretty awesome and we are STOKED to have him with us to spoil! Big plans to hit up the zoo, the local fro-yo establishment, and of course, a good ole' outdoor musical! We may-- or may not-- be going for favorite aunt/uncle status. There is steep competition.... But I have no doubt that Little Smith (once he/she is home) will seal the deal for us!

5.  I am never inspired by my To-Do Lists...but I always seem to find a million other things that bring inspiration when  I have a To-Do list.

Stupid irony.

6. Bossypants is Hilarious. You should definitely read it. AFTER you read Hunger Games and fall in love with it. (See #3)

7.  My High School reunion is coming up in a couple of weeks. In preparation, everyone in my class has been posting old pictures of one another. So, in the name of  "Years that build character", I leave you with this gem:

Nope. I am not the one that looks timeless. I am the one with the brushed out perm and XL glasses)

You're welcome.


Zach said...

FWIW, I have Hunger Games on my to-read list. I should get to it in the next month or two.

Anonymous said...

My parents have a Murphy Bed but I don't know where my mom got it. I"ll have to ask. It's pretty cool. Love the high school pic!~ Ashley

Randee said...

Thanks for the inspiration once again friend! I don't mean that I will be posting a high school pic of myself though- that is not happening :)

Anonymous said...
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