Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Call Me Aunt Woo.

Today. I am totally blessed.

Why. you might ask?  Because starting tomorrow, I get to do the one thing I have dreamed of doing ever since I got the call that my widdle sister was having a little one of her own.

I get to have my nephew for a whole weekend without the hindrance of  Great Parenthood stifling all of our fun (Sorry, Gator).

I am blessed that my sister trusts me (we don't live terribly close to each other anymore) and I am blessed that she has done such an amazing job parenting (Oh, you too Gator's husband) that The Lil' Tank isn't even a tiny bit nervous about coming to stay with us!

In fact, I just had a delightful visit with him on the phone yesterday where he informed me he was coming to my house in two weeks (the time frame that was accurate when we first told him about our arrangement). When I replied, "No buddy, you're coming in three days" he was Through. The. Roof.


Pictures of our weekend to follow!


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